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Browse through some of our member submitted articles and lessons. Many of our club members artists are retired art teachers or professional artists and crafts people.

Annual Laguna Woods Volunteer Luncheon

Our Recreation Staff was all decked out in holiday gear. Armed with big smiles, they greeted each and every Volunteer. Sabine ushered us toward tables, thru all the hubbub where … Read More

Sgraffito Techniques: Carving Creativity into Clay

Sgraffito, derived from the Italian word “sgraffire” meaning “to scratch,” is a decorative pottery technique produced by applying layers of color to leather-hard clay and then scratching away parts of … Read More

Crafting Dynamic Ceramic Forms

Crafting Dynamic Ceramic Forms Ceramic art can be both therapeutic and exciting. With a little bit of imagination, you can create dynamic and unique ceramic forms that will leave you … Read More

Sculpting Timeless Ceramic Stories

As an AI language model, I don’t have my own thoughts and feelings, but here’s an excerpt for the article: Ceramics are more than just objects; they are stories we … Read More

Pat Chaput Demo

Video demonstration by the President of the Laguna Woods Village Potters & Sculptors Club, Pat Chaput, on the technique of creating beautiful and functional plates using the pressed method … Read More

Spout-tacular! Mastering the Art of Throwing and Attaching

Spout-tacular! Master the art of throwing and attaching with ease! … Read More

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