Carrie Eckert: A Multifaceted Artist with Unbounded Passion

Carrie Eckert is not just an artist; she’s a story of continuous evolution, a symphony of diverse artistic expressions. A member of the Potters and Sculptors Studio at Laguna Woods, she recently showcased her profound understanding of pottery in a demo lecture held on Thursday, October 27. The session was an insightful exploration of glazes and glaze applications. Delving into the intricacies of slips, underglazes, and the innovative use of sand, Carrie’s lecture was a testament to her expansive knowledge and creative versatility.

Dance to Artistry

Carrie’s journey into the world of art is as unique as her creations. Her initial foray was through the elegant world of dance. Training to be a professional ballerina well into her late 20s, the fluid grace of ballet became her first artistic expression. As she danced, another interest kindled within her—the world of costume design. The hours between rigorous rehearsals saw her dabble in knitting and quilting, each stitch and pattern echoing her innate creativity.

Inspiration from Travel

For Carrie, the world is a canvas, and travel is the brush that paints her imagination. A trip to Barcelona, Spain, brought her face to face with the masterpieces of Antonio Gaudi. The vibrant colors, abstract materials, and unique designs of Gaudi’s work sparked a new passion within her—the art of mosaics and mosaic sculptures. This inspiration didn’t remain confined to a single art form. As the world grappled with the pandemic, Carrie’s artistic journey took another turn, leading her to mix media and assemblage art.

A Sanctuary in Ceramics

As the constraints of COVID-19 eased, Carrie discovered her community’s ceramic studio. This became her sanctuary, a place where she could combine various art forms, materials, and styles, crafting pieces that told tales of her vast artistic journey.

Her philosophy is clear: art should not confine itself to singular expressions. For Carrie, limitations are but challenges to overcome. “I have never liked to limit myself to one style or medium,” she says. “Art should never be boring.” And true to her word, her works are a vibrant dance of colors, materials, and undeniable expressions that capture the observer’s attention.

A Continuous Journey

Carrie’s story is one of continuous learning and evolution. Her insatiable curiosity and drive to innovate have led her to explore various mediums and styles. From the poised elegance of ballet to the tactile delight of ceramics, her journey is an inspiration for budding artists and art enthusiasts alike.

For a closer look at Carrie Eckert’s masterpieces and to delve deeper into her world, visit her website: Carrie Eckert Art