Originally from San Diego, her parents purchased 814 here in Laguna Woods over 23 years ago.  As her family got older, their care fell upon Carolyn.  One day she became so frustrated that she went to the Studio and purchased a 25lb bag of clay.  She proceeded to sit down and beat the bejesus out of it.   A most healthy activity when the world around you is chaotic.  Eventually, she learned to make something!

Aside from working with clay, she piled up 2000 hours volunteering for the library and found a home for herself here in Laguna Woods.  With five children, nine grandchildren and five GREAT grandkids, she is blessed with family.

When not in ceramics, she plays with wood and makes mosaics.  While decorating her manor, she realized she needed something for her wall.  Viola…that was when she discovered the Wood Shop ‘scrap bins’, and another avenue of creativity.

Carolyn gets her best ideas while “on the throne” and feels that you have to get to a certain place in your life to fully appreciate it.  Her favorite motto’s are, “there is always Plan B” and “you break it – you buy it”!  As a visitor to her home, I found myself smiling as we went from room to room, surrounded by sculptures and items that would bring a smile to the grimmest face. A most appreciated member of Potters and Sculptors.