Richard Moren Biography

A natural artist from an early age, one of Richard Moren’s teachers inspired him to create sculptures while encouraging his curiosity and fascination with ancient cultures and civilizations. That passion continued as he pursued his career in Architecture, designing major projects all over the world.

Decades later he returned to his artwork. His studies of ancient and modern societies, combined with architecture, guide the design direction as he creates his ceramic pieces with a confident use of structure.

Richard’s “natural clay” art pieces in his collection are based on his own
interpretation of ancient Persia while the earthly tones he uses fuel the viewers’ imagination!

His Rake pieces are influenced by forms composed in the Jomon Dynasty, 10,000 BC on the islands of what is now called Japan. The pieces are meticulously crafted from long coiled, thin strands of clay, inviting the metallic glazes to reflect distinctly on each curl, curve, and etching.

All of Richard Moren’s work is defined by texture and composition, with the interior and exterior equally stunning. Each piece is one of a kind, and easily identified by his unique and original style.