Oxidation vs Reduction Firing

Oxidation vs. Reduction Firing in Ceramics: How They Shape the Final Glaze In the world of ceramics, the firing process plays a pivotal role in determining the aesthetic and structural qualities of the final product. Among the various firing techniques, oxidation and reduction firings are particularly significant due to their impact on the appearance of … Read more

Studio Hours

Regular Studio Hours MWF – 8:30-4, T Th – 8:30-8pmSat – 9-4Sun – 9-4 Except during Emeritus classes when the studio is closed. Spring Emeritus semester January 16-May 22, 2024 as below. Tuesday and Thursday mornings 8:45-11:50Monday and Wednesday afternoons 12:45-3:50 When Emeritus is not in session, or during Emeritus vacation days, we have open … Read more