Tips for Uniform Drying

TIPS FOR UNIFORM DRYING AND FOR MENDING WITH PAPER-CLAY SLIP By Rosemary Schalek Tips for Drying your Clay Piece Clay shrinks as it dries. When the clay is dried too quickly, the outside surface of the piece dries faster than the center and more stress builds up.  YOU WANT CLAY TO DRY SLOWLY so this … Read more

Ergonomics in the Studio

Tips, Tricks and Techniques BY Rosemary Schalek Ergonomics in the Studio All of us in the Studio deal with many of the same health and safety issues, regardless of our specific physical condition.  It can be a daunting task – handling 25lbs of clay is not easy.  However, there are some things we can do … Read more

P&S Tile Cutters

Tips, Tricks and Techniques, by Rosemary Schalek How to use the P&S Tile Cutters We have two tile cutters available to P&S Members.  There is a cutter which yields a 4 inch square tile and a cutter which yields a 6 inch square tile. Each cutter has a spring loaded plunger/release button which pushes a … Read more